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Who we are

What you’ll find here: not that long of a story of how our business came to be.
What you won’t find: glossy illusions masking the truth.

The beauty industry is broken

Profit over people. Layer upon layer of made-up complexity, coercion, manipulation. Aggressive marketing for single-use products based on feeling bad and buying more. And more. And more.

We say: enough. Let people preen in peace.

No more fake rules, no unchecked waste. Just a simple routine using formulations that actually work.

That’s what we do.

As A Non-Believer makes products for every body.

95-99.9% natural origin ingredients.

Made in France.

In packaging it’s easy to infinitely recycle.

We’re flipping the script on unrealistic beauty practices with a routine as straightforward, effective and real as it gets.

Imagine a world where we can shop without gimmicks. Where waste is minimal. Where there’s one great product on the bathroom shelf instead of 20 useless ones.

That’s our vision. A brand designed to give you more. More thought, time, more freedom — more feel-good.

As a Non-Believer. No BS. No catch.

Our story (so far)

Tired of the race for unnecessary new stuff, the relentless marketing slog and the constant drive to ‘fix’ things that weren’t broken, in 2023, we hit reset.

We started by acknowledging what we didn’t want, saying no to overcomplication, invasive marketing and waste. Saying yes to doing things the right way. What we ended up with was As A Non-Believer – natural face, body and hair care that actually works.

Our product

A full beauty routine in under 10 products, each designed with care and rigorously tested. Locally sourced, multi-functional natural ingredients for most everyday skin and hair needs. Gender-free, age-free, confusion-free.


Our marketing

No weird pushy tactics here – we trust you to call the shots. No unsavoury data tracking, no misleading. We believe when the product is this good, people will come back on their own.


Our impact

Produced in the most circular way possible, our packaging makes use of easily recyclable resources that aren’t going to run out. The best packaging may be no packaging at all, but for now, this is our solution.



They're for everyone. You, them, her, him, us - everyone. All skin types, all hair types, all people.

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