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What you'll find here: our honest answers to common questions about packaging.
What you won't find: comfortable lies and greenwashing hidden in plain sight.

Can packaging ever really be planet-friendly?

The best packaging is no packaging at all – that’s the truth.

But we need to get your products to you safely. We don’t believe in excessive packaging. So we use single-material options that are easier to recycle, and leave that throw-away stuff well alone.

No cellophane, no labels, no secondary packaging at all.

What about using eco-friendly materials?

Well, you have to be careful about so-called ‘green’ options too. PCR or degradable plastics are either at the end of their recycling cycle or they can’t be properly recycled at all. And glass? It takes huge energy to produce, and weighs so much that transporting it drives up carbon emissions.

Isn’t plastic the just best option?

It isn’t. Our packaging is made from aluminium, which is the most sustainable solution available right now. We say sustainable because it can be infinitely reused. 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation, if you want to have your mind blown. It’s lightweight (hello, carbon footprint), won’t let light and air spoil what’s inside, and it won’t smash or break before it gets to you. And just so you know, yes, the internal liner is free from those nasty BPAs.

Won’t refills be more sustainable?

Well, here’s the thing. Refills might have a smaller carbon footprint than brand new packaging, but that doesn’t make them sustainable. Those multi-layered flexible refill pouches are unrecyclable, and glass alternatives use a lot of carbon to make and transport. So we choose efficiency. Our bottles are big – 500ml for body products and 60ml for skincare. So you order less, use them for longer and recycle every step of the way.

But isn’t recycling getting too complicated?

Not for the right materials.

Here’s how to dispose of our packaging: right now everything except pumps can be recycled. Our bottles and tubes are made of aluminium – just toss them in the right bin. Same with our polyurethane caps. Just remove before you toss the tube and put in the PE plastics bin. They’re big enough for the recycle sorting systems to pick out and not throw in the trash. No idea where the plastics bin is? Your local recycle centre can tell you.

What about pumps?

Good question, let’s talk pumps. Whether you use a new pump or not is up to you. We’ll send you one with your first purchase and encourage you to clean it and reuse it when you order again. Or you can choose to receive a whole new pump each time – we trust you to make the right decision for you. They’re the only part of our packaging that can’t be recycled, so to reuse is better. But, you know, the choice is yours.

It makes sense to take smaller products on holiday, right?

It might make sense for your luggage allowance, but those single-use travel packs are bad news for the planet. Choose a set of smaller, reusable bottles, fill them up then reuse or recycle when you get home. Be one of the good guys.

don’t be a dick. recycle.

don’t be a dick. recycle.

don’t be a dick. recycle.

don’t be a dick. recycle.

Don’t online deliveries need loads of padding and stuff?

Deliveries need to be protected, of course. But what’s the point in ordering consciously-made products when they arrive with plastic inside of more plastic? That’s cheating. Our minimal delivery boxes are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard – one material only. No plastic. No polystyrene. No bubble wrap. No problem.

But won’t my products get damaged?

In a perfect world we’d teleport our products to you so there was no risk of dents. But we’re not (quite) there yet. That’s just one more reason for us to use aluminium packaging. It’ll never smash, it won’t crack. And let’s be honest, if it does sustain a small dent, that doesn’t mean the product won’t work. A scratch here and there won’t change our formulations. Our packaging might look great, but it mainly exists to protect the product inside – it’s really as simple as that.

How about gifts, they need pretty wrapping, right?

We believe it’s what’s inside that matters. The right gift will always feel special, no matter how it’s wrapped. Choose a gift they’ll use every day. Or choose a gift card to get them what they really want. The best damn gifts come without a bunch of waste.


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