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The Cookies

What you'll find here: the cookie policy we hoped we wouldn't need.
What you won't find here: misinformation. We really believe this is important.

Let's get one thing straight

We don’t approve of data-tracking. We think it’s creepy. For a brand to follow you around the internet collecting information in order to sell more stuff to you? That’s weird. So this is where we’re going to lay out how we do cookies while you’re on our website, so you feel safe and we feel better about it. What we’d like to do: use no cookies at all.  What we need to do so our site works: use some cookies.

What we'll never do

  1.  Use any cookies, ever, to track you or advertise to you.
  2.  Use your data to work out who you are: if you’re browsing with us, you’re always anonymous.
  3.  Sell your data. Gross.

The Good Cookies

If you don’t know, so-called cookies are tiny files of letters and numbers that are perfectly safely sent to your device when you visit a website. Your device sends them back to the website when you visit again, which means the website can understand your preferences and improve your online experience.

The Bad Cookies

Some cookies can then be used to see what you’re browsing on other websites, or to serve you ads for products you’ve just seen, when you’re doing something completely different, like reading the news. We don’t use those.

Our Cookies

It turns out that in order for websites to work properly, we have to use some cookies. So we’ve chosen the bare minimum, and this is what they do:

Strictly necessary cookies: without these you couldn’t log in to your account or view multiple pages on our website.

Functionality cookies: we use these to recognize you when you visit our site for the second, third or hundredth time and make sure everything’s in the right language.

Analytical cookies: we use these to help show us how many visitors we have to each page and where they’re going when they hit the site. These mean that we can always be working to improve the way things work.

And that's it.

We don’t use targeting (aka marketing or profiling) cookies. We don’t know who you are. And once you leave our site, we absolutely won’t come with you.

Isn’t that a relief?

Isn’t that a relief?

Isn’t that a relief?

Isn’t that a relief?


Try looking through our Privacy Policy.

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