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The Promise

What you'll find here: the commitments we make to being as much not-the-bad-guys as we possibly can.
What you won't find: pushy marketing tactics that we don't want to be part of.

We don't push you around

Those ads that follow you around the internet? No thanks. Those emails that hound you day after day? No way. We’ll never fight to make you spend.

We don't invade your privacy

We’re not out to know every little thing about you. It’s just products that do their job, sold in an honest way. It isn’t rocket science.

We don't track you

No profiling cookies on your computer, no following you around the internet, no watching from behind the bushes. Your data is yours, and we’ll keep it that way.

We don't chase you

Find us, love us, come back – it’s your call. Whether it makes us more money or less money, we don’t mind. It’s about doing the right thing, not creeping on our customers.

We don't waste your time

Tricks to keep you browsing longer? Nope. Hours spent trawling complicated categories? No thanks. We keep things simple because it gives you a better experience and lets you live your real life away from a screen.

We don't do social media

None of it. No fake likes, no follower counts, no bogus campaigns. We don’t need it to make our products work, so they can keep their algorithms to themselves.

We won't spin you a story

No soapy About Us pages, no rambling biographies, no self-serving yarns about how great we are. Just the facts and our products – that’s all you need and that’s what we’ll give you.

We won't exhaust you with content

New videos, new features, new ways to sell. You won’t find us on the content carousel, because we know there’s a better way to live.

And we really mean it.

And we really mean it.

And we really mean it.

And we really mean it.


They're for everyone. You, them, her, him, us - everyone. All skin types, all hair types, all people.

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